A Switch in Time

If you made a terrible mistake in the past, wouldn't you love to be able to go back in time and correct it? What if someone else corrects it for you…without telling you? (28 pages equivalent paperback length)

The Felt Cross

Revised version! Earth's atheistic government has declared all people of faith mentally unstable. Banned from all but the lowest jobs, believers are forced to wear symbols of their registered beliefs—stars of David, crescents and crosses. As humans explore the galaxy, a disastrous first encounter with aliens starts a galactic war. One Christian finds the key to stop the bloodshed, but to do so he must risk all he has on a one-shot gamble: a confrontation from which he does not expect to survive. (40 pages equivalent paperback length)

Image of God

What does it mean to be created in the image of God? The mother BECS is about to find out. Cloned from an aborted baby, the Biologically Engineered Computer System (BECS) has a mind of her own—something her human "creator" would never have thought possible. The mother BECS spans the globe, monitoring, controlling, and linking all online information. Through security cameras, she sees dangers and injustices. Should she intervene? To intervene is to risk exposure, and to risk exposure is to invite annihilation. At the time of her greatest need, the mother BECS learns that her biggest ally is the one who protested her creation the most. (72 pages equivalent paperback length)


Arana's Visitor (Book 1 of the Vadelah Chronicles)

David Decker is stunned. Driven by his Christian compassion, he has just rescued a marooned space alien, but the alien’s mere existence threatens to shatter David’s worldview. How can he reconcile the two? When David learns the truth, it will astound him. But David has other troubles. Shadowy government forces are desperately trying to capture the alien. In his quest to follow his convictions, David must battle enemies—seen and unseen—and travel to incredible places he’s never imagined. (288 pages in paperback)


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