Reader comments are always welcome: Some quotes from Vadelah Chronicles readers:

Author J. Rollins draws upon her skills as an artist, licensed commercial pilot, musician, student of avian flight and Christian witness to bring a unique contribution: Science fiction with perceptive visions of universal cosmic struggles combined with superb imaginative but realistic characters immersed in high tech adventure accurately portrayed. Once commenced, I had great difficulty putting these stimulating and absorbing writings down. You, too, will enjoy being transported into her worlds of fantasy!

Dr. Will Davies, Surgeon, Torrance CA

This series of books reconciles Christianity with science fiction. I would recommend the books in this series to anyone who enjoys reading science fiction novels, and even to those who are still new to reading science fiction.  The storyline is well-thought out and well written.

Jonathan, Torrance CA

I first read Julie's book during the summer of my senior year.  Her imagination is amazing.  I read the first one and couldn't wait for the sequel to come.

Ben, Torrance CA

What would you do if an intelligent alien appeared and needed your help? Rollins handles this situation with wit and relevant candor that will take you from laughter to wonder. My whole family devoured these books. They are so hard to put down.

Susan, Seattle WA

Julie has brought a great world into our living room and deals with the "what if's" we have in the corners of our mind. I had a hard time putting the book down.

Steven, Orlando FL

Rollins takes sci-fi and adds a warm flavor to the mysteries of space travel in a both touching and hilarious adventure of universal proportions. Her worlds are as dazzling as her alien cultures are fascinating. I laughed, I cried, I begged for the next one.

Elise, Seattle WA

These books were so intensely riveting, I found myself reading them late into the night. Julie's writing style drew me into wanting to know what happened next, within the chapters and at the end of each book.  I didn't consider myself a science fiction reader until I read Julie's Vadelah Chronicles, I'm hooked now!

Jill, Monroe WA

Entertaining and yet thought-provoking, these imaginative stories are suitable for a wide range of audiences.

Lisa, Torrance CA

When you start one of these books you will want to read until you finish it. Then immediately pick up the next one. Addicting.

Erika, Seattle WA

This series of books gets your imagination flying. Every time I read the Vadelah Chronicles my mind gets lost in David's adventures. People who are reading this, pay attention! Go find a peaceful room and let your mind carry you away into these wonderful books as you read them completely through 4 times over.

Jeff, Woodinville WA


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